What happens to my Bitcoin when I die?

And why do I need a Bitcoin inheritance strategy?

When it comes to our Bitcoin, we often don't give much thought to what will happen to them after we pass away. However, it's important to plan for your Bitcoin inheritance, as failing to do so can lead to a significant loss for our loved ones.

So, what happens to your Bitcoin when you die and you did not prepare? The answer to that question depends on how you currently are holding your coins and how much information you have already shared with your heirs. Without the necessary information about your setup, your loved ones will be hopelessly lost when trying to recover your coins.

Even if your family does have the necessary information, there is also the risk that they may mess things up while trying to recover your coins due to lack of background knowledge and experience. This can lead to further loss  and can also result in legal complications among heirs.

To ensure that your family knows what they need to recover and do so successfully, you need a Bitcoin inheritance plan. This is where Satskeeper comes in. Satskeeper helps you to ensure your coins don’t die with you by giving you the tools and knowledge to securely pass your legacy to the next generation.

Satskeeper helps you set up a detailed Bitcoin inheritance plan that makes sure that your heirs have all the information they need in order to access your coins once you are gone. After having set up your Bitcoin inheritance plan, Satskeeper regularly performs a proof-of-life check to verify if you are still alive. Once you have passed, Satskeeper then contacts your heirs to provide your encrypted inheritance plan and assists them with the recovery process.

With Satskeeper, you will never again have to worry about your Bitcoin legacy being lost or becoming inaccessible after your death. Satskeeper helps your heirs to avoid mistakes and ensures that your Bitcoin inheritance plan is executed successfully.

By planning for your Bitcoin inheritance and using Satskeeper, you can ensure that your loved ones will have access to your coins and that they will not be lost or inaccessible due to lack of information or avoidable mistakes.



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